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Bridging the gaps with legal expertise and tech

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About Us

People · Process · Technology

Isambard brings together over 60 years of private practice and in-house legal operations expertise. Unlike other legal consultancies, Isambard has experience of both selling and buying legal services. Our understanding of the two sides of the buying coin has been gained in a multitude of settings including four international law firms, four FTSE 100 companies with global footprints, a nationwide legal regulator and a multi award winning UK wide professional services focussed charity.


We specialise in giving you the edge - that can be in people through our experienced legal consultants, or in working with you to review your legal processes and operations or through technology. We are dedicated to setting you up for success - we will work with you to understand what results you want and to help you get there.

Our Approach

Solutions Based On Experience

All Hands In

Unlock Discretionary Effort

Isambard was founded in 2019 with a single mission: to bring the combined experience of FTSE 100 GC in-house practice, commercial leadership and international private practice to the world of New Law for the first time. 

In the last decade, legal teams have seen budgets decline in established organisations or resource not tracking business growth in those organisations which are disrupting the staus quo. Therefore, legal leaders are increasingly required to evidence that:

  • their people are led/developed correctly to achieve maximum productivity through engagement;

  • processes are efficient, recorded and adopted; and

  • the use of technology is appropriate.


We are focussed on helping GCs and their panel law firms achieve all three together in partnership.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do, although we strongly believe innovation is not an anagram of 'technology'. Technology clearly has its place but it is not a 'cure all' for poor process and demotivated and disconnected employees.

That's why we start with your most important asset - your people. We then assess how business is conducted - your process - before assessing if technology is worth investing in to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your teams and ways of doing business. 

With services ranging from operational reviews utilising our own 'ABC' model to the creation and delivery of learning and development programmes, Isambard can assist in bringing law firm, in-house team and internal client closer, in turn making the delivery of legal services more efficient and effective.



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